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Asthma Care Center

Teaching people how to manage asthma on their own is one of the most important parts of controlling the disease. Everyone with asthma should develop an individualized asthma action plan with a doctor.

With your help in encouraging appropriate disease management, we believe our members suffering from asthma can expect:

  • To prevent asthma symptoms during both day and night
  • Reduce the number of missed school/work days
  • Have minimal need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations
  • Maintain normal activity levels

We’ve developed tools, programs and resources to help you help our members empower themselves and take personal control of their asthma treatment.

How you can help

You play a central role in promoting the health of our members. You and your office staff can help facilitate the HEDIS process improvement by:

  • Providing the appropriate care within the designated timeframes.
  • Documenting all care in the patient’s medical record.
  • Accurately coding all claims.
  • Responding to our requests for medical records within 5 business days.