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Well Care Center

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Our Clinical Practice Guidelines outline important issues that may be relevant to our adolescent members, including childhood obesity, ADHD, HIV, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Let Us Know program

If you have a member/patient who is experiencing any barriers to receiving their annual Adolescent Well Care check-up (language barriers, lack of transportation to appointments, sensitive physical or mental health issues, etc.) please Let Us Know. These issues may be reported to us through the Let Us Know program, so that our Case Management department may lend a hand to both your office staff and the member.

HEDIS Requirements

You play a central role in promoting the health of our members. You and your office staff can help facilitate the HEDIS process improvement by:

  • Providing the appropriate care within the designated timeframes.
  • Documenting all care in the patient’s medical record.
  • Accurately coding all claims.
  • Responding to our requests for medical records within 5 business days.

Learn more about HEDIS. See the full HEDIS® 101 for Providers presentation.

Other Provider Resources: