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Diabetes Care Center

Help educate our members

Join us in empowering our members to take personal control of their diabetes treatment regimen by directing them to these important resources:

Diabetes Self-Management Programs

Our members can feel better and avoid adverse effects of diabetes by making a commitment to healthy lifestyle choices. A self-management program will help our members learn strategies to help them live healthier lives.

ADA and AADE Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs

The ADA (American Diabetes Association) and AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) have certified self-management programs to educate members on the importance of managing their care, keeping appointments, adhering to medication, maintaining a healthy diet, exercise and more.

Gym Memberships

Since exercise is effective in helping control levels of sugar in the blood, we encourage our diabetic members to take advantage of the gym membership offered by Keystone First. Members 12 years and older may join one of many participating community gyms. Our members pay $25.00 for their  first 18 visits within 90 days. Then, Keystone First pays the rest of their annual membership.

Learn more about our gym membership program

Dental Health

Our members with diabetes are at higher risk for gum disease, which can affect blood glucose control.  Keystone First offers a dental program that can help our members obtain and maintain their oral health.

Learn more about our dental program