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Authorization for covered behavioral health services

For questions about authorization requirements and requests, please contact the Select Health of South Carolina Behavioral Health Utilization Management department at 1-866-341-8765.

  • Members are required to seek services from a participating First Choice provider.  Consideration may be extended to providers who are actively in the process of network enrollment.
  • Authorization for services will begin from the date of initial request and/or date of service (assuming provider participation in the network on that date). Authorizations for non-emergent services are not provided retrospectively.
  • If you feel that you submitted the request earlier than our recorded receipt date, contact us and be prepared to provide evidence of your successful submission.
  • If there is an eligibility discrepancy that caused you to delay submitting the authorization request, please provide us a copy of the member's eligibility status on the day that you provided the service.
  • Remember: it is the provider’s responsibility to check member eligibility status on each day that a service is provided to a member.