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Select News: April 2016

Controlled substance database requirement

Effective April 1, all providers are required by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS) to consult the South Carolina Reporting and Identification Prescription Tracking System before prescribing controlled substances to Healthy Connections Medicaid patients. The statewide database includes information about a patient’s prescription drug history. Providers who don’t check the tracking system risk loss of Medicaid payments.

Physician assistant enrollment

All licensed physician assistants providing services to First Choice patients must be enrolled as providers with SCDHHS. They must also be enrolled and credentialed with First Choice.

Physician champion

CLAS logo

We’d like to spotlight and thank Eliza Varadi, M.D., a First Choice provider at Pelican Pediatrics in Charleston who speaks Russian, Spanish and Hebrew as well as English. “Having come to this country as an immigrant, I know how difficult it is to navigate everything in a different language and culture. The more I can alleviate that stress for my patients, the better.”

Being able to communicate and understand health information is necessary to stay healthy. That’s why language services are part of our Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) program. For 10 years, Select Health has worked to reduce health care disparities by better understanding the unique backgrounds and cultures of our members. First Choice is the only health plan in South Carolina to achieve the Multicultural Health Care Distinction by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Culturally competent cardiovascular care webinar

We invite you to take part in our culturally competent cardiovascular care webinar, a 45-minute training that offers practical advice on providing culturally appropriate interventions as they relate to cardiovascular disease. Providers who participate and complete a post-session assessment earn one continuing medical education credit. The seminar is part of our Healthy Lifestyles/Cardiovascular Disease initiative, which provides a framework to help our members, your patients, achieve ideal cardiovascular health. To refer a patient to Heart First, our complex care management program for cardiovascular disease, call Integrated Health Care Management at 1-888-276-2020, ext. 55251.

Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias, or reflexive stereotyping at a subconscious level, can heavily influence patient-doctor interactions, diagnosis and treatment. One way to combat unconscious bias is to ask patients to share their values and how they would explain their medical condition to a friend or family member (for example, you could ask, “What does high blood pressure mean to you?”). To learn more, visit Health Literacy Out Loud or contact Chris Welch, Select Health’s CLAS coordinator.

Peer-to-peer reviews

Select Health has clarified its previous peer-to-peer review policy notice from an October 19, 2015 provider letter.

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