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Select News: February 2016

Inhaler / nebulizer

Asthma Medication Tips

Asthma medications, especially asthma inhalers, play a key role in how our members, your patients, manage symptoms and control their asthma. When instructing them about the proper use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS), long-acting beta-agonists, short-acting beta-agonists and/or inhaled anticholinergics, please provide these simple steps:

  • If the inhaler is new or hasn’t been used for several days, press down on the canister a few times or as directed by the package insert.
  • Remove the cap and shake inhaler for five to 10 seconds.
  • Breathe out normally and completely.
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and seal your lips around it.
  • Begin to inhale, press down once and continue breathing in slowly until lungs are full.
  • Hold your breath and slowly count to 10, or as long as you can.
  • Exhale slowly. If two inhalations are prescribed, wait one minute before repeating.
  • With an ICS: After use, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly to prevent thrush and cavities.
  • Clean the inhaler weekly with gentle soap and warm water, then air dry. 

Updated clinical guidelines

We’ve updated the National Imaging Associates (NIA) clinical guidelines and national clinical practice guidelines on our website.

Register for training online

Providers and office staff may now register online for our annual provider trainings, held in each region of South Carolina throughout the year.

Drug updates

Visit our website for up-to-date pharmacy information including changes approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee as well as:

  • Preferred Drug List (PDL) updates.
  • New prior authorization criteria and procedures for submitting a prior authorization.
  • Pharmacy benefit restrictions or limitations.

New and current subscribers: Win $50

We hold random monthly drawings for a $50 e-certificate for online subscribers. Subscribe here for a chance to win. Current subscribers are automatically included. Recent winners include Shawana Torrence of Serenity Rehabilitation Services and Amy Studevant of Coastal Pediatrics. We’ll notify February’s winner in March, so sign up now!