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Prescription Medicines


Your Benefit

  • First Choice members under age 21 can get unlimited prescriptions.
  • Adult First Choice members who are 21 years old or older can get up to 4 prescriptions a month. (This limit includes certain over-the-counter medicines and does not apply to some drugs, insulin and associated supplies.) There is a $3.40 co-payment for adults age 19 and older.

Some medicines need prior approval. Generic medicine and supplies will be provided when available. Call Member Services at 1.888.276.2020 for complete information about covered medicines.

Prescription Medicines

What You Need to Do

  • Get a prescription.
  • Take it to a participating pharmacy. (Call Member Services at 1.888.276.2020 to find a participating pharmacy near you.)
  • Show the pharmacy your First Choice ID card and your Healthy Connections Choices card.
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