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Select News: December / January 2017

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all you do throughout the year to support Select Health and our First Choice members, your patients. We couldn’t do it without you!

HEDIS® spotlight: Chlamydia and gonorrhea rates are on the rise

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called for expanded prevention efforts in light of new data that shows the incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have reached unprecedented highs. Americans ages 15 to 24 years accounted for nearly two-thirds of chlamydia diagnoses and half of gonorrhea diagnoses.

Most reported chlamydia and gonorrhea infections occur among 15 - 24-year-olds

Providers, please do your part to help our members, your patients:

  • Make sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening a routine part of medical care, especially for pregnant women. Integrate STD prevention and treatment into prenatal care and other routine visits.
  • Provide yearly chlamydia screenings as a routine test for all sexually active women ages 25 and under. Research shows this age group accepts age-based screening for chlamydia during both sexual- and non-sexual-related health office visits.
  • Consider getting a urine sample from all adolescent patients as a standing order, collecting the specimen before the visit begins.
  • Offer young people safe, effective ways to get needed information and services.

Check out the special women’s health insert (PDF) in the current issue of Healthy Now (PDF), our member newsletter, for more on chlamydia.

Help protect our members against the flu

Select Health covers flu vaccinations with no copay for First Choice members. Help us increase the number of our members, your patients, vaccinated this year. You can provide the vaccination during well visits or as part of follow up for high-risk patients, who are more susceptible and should be vaccinated as early as possible. The CDC recommendations for the 2016 –2017 season are to use the flu shot (inactivated influenza vaccine, or IIV, and the recombinant influenza vaccine, or RIV). Do not use the nasal spray vaccine (live attenuated influenza vaccine, or LAIV). The new issue of our member newsletter, Healthy Now (PDF), has more on the flu.

A teen member talks about diabetes

“I feel like I’m the only one in high school taking insulin”

Check out the new issue of Healthy Now (PDF), for a teen member’s tips on managing diabetes and losing weight. The issue includes fall recipes and a special women’s insert with articles on cervical cancer, heart health, and ways to beat stress. Members can learn how to manage pain, keep kids away from tobacco, and find out if a child is ready to stay home alone.

Tips and guidelines for prescribing hydroxyurea

For our members with sickle cell disease, hydroxyurea may be prescribed to assist with pain and the need for blood transfusions in certain patients. Talk with your patient to determine if hydroxyurea is appropriate. Clinical guidelines (PDF) are on our website.

Drug updates

Visit our website for up-to-date pharmacy information, including changes approved by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, as well as:

  • Preferred drug list (PDL) updates.
  • Updated pharmaceutical management procedures.
  • New prior authorization criteria and procedures for submitting a prior authorization request.
  • Pharmacy benefit restrictions or limitations.