Enroll in First ChoiceSM

It's easy to join First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina. You can join through South Carolina Healthy Connections Choices. This will help you pick a health plan and a primary care provider (PCP).

You can enroll in First Choice once you are eligible for Medicaid. If you are determined as eligible, and new to Medicaid, you will get an enrollment pack in the mail that you will need to open, read, and fill out.

If you have not yet applied for Medicaid, that is the first step you need to take. Learn more at our New to Medicaid or First Choice web page.

Three ways to enroll in First Choice

  • Online: Go to the Healthy Connections Choices website.
  • By phone: Call Heathy Connections Choices at 1-877-552-4642 (TTY for hearing impaired: 1-877-552-4670).
  • Fax or mail an enrollment form to Healthy Connections Choices at 1-877-552-4672. (Ask your caseworker for a copy of the form.)

What you need to enroll

When you enroll, you will need:

  • Your full name.
  • Your Medicaid ID number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your address and phone number.
  • The name of your PCP or clinic (if you chose one).
  • The address of your PCP or clinic (if you chose one).
  • The name of the health plan you choose.

Need help enrolling?

Remember, if you do not join First Choice, your Medicaid benefits will not change.

You can also call our Member Services number at 1-888-276-2020 (TTY 1-888-765-9586).

Annual eligibility review process

Once a year, Healthy Connections may mail you an Annual Review Form to determine if you are still eligible for Medicaid. It’s important to complete and return the form if you get one.

Learn more at our TIME TO RENEW web page.