Care Management Programs

We have several care management programs that may benefit your First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina patients.

Complex Care Management

Our nurses work one-on-one with patients who have complex medical issues. This includes members with multiple comorbidities and members with a single, complex diagnosis like metastatic cancer.

Bright Start® 

This program is designed to improve the health outcomes of our prenatal members and their babies. Our nurses follow high-risk pregnant members throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period. Nurses also follow newborns that require NICU admission. They make sure the babies receive the best care possible and help new moms as they learn to care for their special newborns.

Disease Management

We have several disease-specific programs. Interventions range from one-on-one nurse interaction for high-risk members to periodic educational mailings for low-risk members.

Breathe Easy

This is an asthma management program with a special emphasis on promoting member compliance with controller medications.

In Control

In Control is a diabetes management program for members with the goal of preventing or reducing long-term complications.

Heart First

This is a cardiovascular disease management program.

Sickle Cell Program

This program offers assistance for members with sickle cell disease to get the care they need to better manage it.

Behavioral Health Management

this is a behavioral health management to educate and help members with behavioral health needs.

Emergency Room Program

We reach out to frequent ER users to direct them to more appropriate sources of care, such as their PCP or an urgent care center.

Rapid Response Program

This program is designed to meet the short-term or episodic needs of some of our members — especially members who have had recent hospitalizations.