New to Medicaid or First ChoiceSM?

Learn how to apply for Medicaid (Healthy Connections)

What is Healthy Connections?

Healthy Connections is South Carolina's Medicaid program. Learn more about Healthy Connections.

Select Health of South Carolina is a Medicaid managed care organization that manages health care services for the Medicaid-eligible members who enroll in its plan, First Choice.

Before you can enroll in First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina, you must be determined as eligible for Medicaid (Healthy Connections).

How do I apply for Healthy Connections?

To apply for Healthy Connections, you will need to complete and submit an application. Apply online or learn more about other ways to apply and the information you will need to apply.

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Make us your First Choice

Newly eligible for Medicaid — choose First Choice

If Healthy Connections determines you are eligible, and you are new to Medicaid, you need to choose a health plan or one will be assigned to you. South Carolina Healthy Connections Choices manages the health plan selection process. Learn more about Healthy Connections Choices and enrolling in First Choice. Or, go to the Healthy Connections Choices website to pick a plan.

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Already on a Medicaid plan — switch to First Choice

If you are already a member of another Healthy Connections health plan, you may be able to switch to First Choice. You can change your health plan once within the first 90 days of when you enrolled. Learn more from Healthy Connections Choices.

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New First Choice members get a $25 gift card*

New First Choice members who complete a New Member Orientation within 30 days of enrollment will get a $25 Walmart gift card!*

*Limit one per household per lifetime. Walmart gift card is restricted from the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, and firearm products.

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Yearly Healthy Connections renewal process

Once a year, Healthy Connections may mail you an Annual Review Form, to determine if you are still eligible for Medicaid. It’s important to complete and return the form if you get one.

Learn more at our TIME TO RENEW web page.

Due to COVID-19, annual Medicaid eligibility reviews are temporarily suspended.

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