Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT simplifies reimbursement by replacing paper checks with direct deposits. EFT is convenient and can minimize risk, reduce administrative overhead, and help you access payments more quickly.

What is it?

First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina uses Change Healthcare for EFT. EFT is a method used to transfer funds from one bank account to another bank account, eliminating the use of paper checks. It is widely used because it is more efficient and secure than payment by paper checks. EFT results in funds reaching your bank account faster than paper checks through the mail, and it eliminates the need to use mobile deposit or to make a trip to the bank to deposit your check(s).

To sign up to receive EFT from Select Health, visit https://enrollments.ECHOhealthinc.com/efteradirect/enrollThere is no fee for this service.

To sign up to receive EFT from all of your payers processing payments on the Settlement Advocate platform, visit https://enrollments.ECHOhealthinc.comA fee for this service may be required.

If you have questions regarding how to enroll in EFT, please reference the EFT Enrollment Guide (PDF).

Get the most out of EFT by using EDI, ERA, and all the electronic billing services offered.