In Control Diabetes Program

In Control

In Control is First Choice's diabetes (also known as "sugar") disease management program. The program is available at no cost for First Choice members with diabetes. In Control helps members with diabetes take charge of their disease by providing the following benefits:

  • A nurse to help get needed care.
  • Education about the disease process and possible problems.
  • Education about medicines and diet.
  • Information about preferred glucometers and testing supplies.
  • Reminders to get important tests throughout the year.

Having diabetes adds to your chance of developing an eye problem, including blindness. People who have diabetes should have a medical eye exam (with dilation) once a year.1The eye doctor has to dilate your eyes to look inside them for problems. This is important even if you can see fine. The doctor can catch and treat eye problems early and save your vision. A medical eye exam is a covered benefit for members who have diabetes. Visit our online provider directory or call Member Services at 1-888-276-2020 (TTY 1-888-765-9586) to get a list of providers who do dilated eye exams.

Diabetes can also cause heart problems, kidney problems, and circulatory problems.2 However, many people with diabetes learn how to manage their condition and are able to live active lives. If you are a First Choice member with diabetes, join In Control today.

For more information about In Control or to enroll, please call a First Choice care manager at 1-888-276-2020, extension 55251. Or, log in to the member portal and go to Enroll in a Special Program to get started.

For more information about diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association at


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